GRE Online Course

GRE Course Online

This interactive, comprehensive self-study course combines individually paced learning with the one-on-one attention of our highly trained GRE experts, who are available to answer most of your questions in real-time. The online course material presents the equivalent of over 600 pages of printed material, including hundreds of GRE example problems with detailed explanations (including the new question types). Plus, the powerful learning engine StudyDesk increases your learning efficiency by monitoring your progress and directing you to areas where you need further study. All for only $50! Click here to view the course.

Similar online programs cost upwards of $699! With more than $650 in savings and quality that can’t be matched, Nova Press is unquestionably the smartest option in GRE prep.

Course Features:

  • Ask Questions! Our instructors monitor StudyDesk to answer your questions in real-time during business hours or within 24 hours outside of business hours. StudyDesk also keeps track of where you make mistakes or ask questions.
  • Highly Interactive: You can take notes, view detailed explanations of solutions, and more!
  • Personalized Monitoring: Our highly advanced system monitors your progress and directs your attention to your weakest areas
  • Versatile: Access the course from any computer at any time.
  • Statistics: Your performance on the exercises is saved, and you may review your performance and check solutions at any time. You can also check your ranking based on all students taking the course. How cool is that!
  • Guarantee: If, at the end of the course, you do not feel sufficiently prepared for the test, you may repeat the course for free — with full access to our instructors.

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