MCAT Trilogy

The MCAT Trilogy

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MCAT Physics Book

MCAT Physics Book cover

Dr. Biehle’s classic MCAT Physics Book presents a clear, insightful, and comprehensive analysis of MCAT physics. While other MCAT books merely list every obscure scientific concept that may be on the MCAT and expect you to memorize each one, Dr. Biehle’s book takes a conceptual approach to MCAT physics, challenging you to learn concepts instead of simply memorizing facts.

Set up in an easy-to-follow format, even students who struggle with physics will be able to follow, understand, and master the logical explanation of each key concept. Plus, you won’t be bored to death by dry, text-book writing; Dr. Biehle’s lively prose and subtle wit make this challenging topic more palatable.

The MCAT Physics Book features:

  • Thorough, easy-to-understand concept reviews
  • 49 MCAT-style passages
  • 500 challenging MCAT-style practice problems
  • Detailed, step-by-step solutions to all problems
  • Illustrations and tables to focus and clarify key ideas and concepts
  • And much, much more!

Try it out, and we think you’ll agree — Dr. Biehle’s book is the best MCAT physics book available.

Dr. Biehle received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in physics. He has ten years of experience at various levels in science education. The MCAT Physics Book is a result of his experience presenting physics concepts in a classroom setting to students preparing for the MCAT.


By using this book, I doubled my MCAT physcial sciences score from 5 to 10, with a 34 S overall. This book is very thorough, but not boring. It is very helpful, even if physics terrfies you. The comfortable writing style helps you get over your fears and allows you to learn a lot. I can’t recomend this book highly enough. The text is easy to read and understand, and the questions are the best out there for MCAT physics review. Buy this book early and give yourself time to work through it — you will end up feeling very comfortable in the physical sciences test. — A Student

Absolute best in MCAT physics prep. It really put the Kaplan book to shame. ~50+ questions / chapter, half of which are near MCAT in style and difficulty. I trully believe that every last conceptual MCAT question is covered in this book. 10-15 page descriptions of each subject followed by several pages means you get it right even if physics is not your expertise…The author is very clear and breaks down each subject into obvious/common sense approaches. The writing is very basic and easy to follow, but I definitely took guilty pleasure in the joke passages that were in every chapter…If you read this book from cover to cover and do all the questions, there is no way you can get less than a 85% of the physics questions on your physical sciences. — A student

Pages: 444

Price: $49.95

ISBN: 1889057339

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The MCAT Physics Book eBookThe MCAT Physics Book eBook ($19.95)


MCAT Biology Book

The MCAT Biology Book provides a comprehensive review of MCAT biology as well as a thorough analysis of the MCAT Verbal section.

In twenty chapters, learn the core concepts of MCAT biology through logically outlined, straight-forward text. Illustrations help emphasize relevant topics and clarify difficult concepts. Each chapter concludes with a set of problems modeled after the MCAT exam, with complete, detailed explanation of the answers.

While other MCAT biology books merely cover every obscure fact that may appear on the MCAT biology section, this book challenges you to understand and master key biology concepts as opposed to mere rote memorization of facts.

This excellent resource features:

  • 20 chapters of thorough concept review
  • MCAT-style practice problems for each chapter
  • Detailed, step-by-step solutions to all problems
  • Illustrations and tables to focus and clarify key ideas and concepts
  • 8 chapters of test-taking strategies, including reading comprehension and critical reasoning
  • Walk-through of how to recognize logical fallacies and analyze an argument
  • And much, much  more!

Authors Nancy Morvillo and Matthew Schmidt both obtained their Ph.D’s in genetics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.


I can’t even tell you how many books I have purchased that claim they offer only info relavant to the MCAT and nothing more…in which they wind up giving you all the superfluous stuff that *may* be on the MCAT.  Well, this book is different. It cuts out all the extra mumbo jumbo and tells you like it is. Want to know about Glycolysis, fermentation, Kreb’s cycle and the ETC all in 2 hours memorized? Buy this book…it has a unique way of explaining things that other books, and professors, didn’t know how to do. I found myself relating difficult concepts together much easier in this book than any other. — A Student

Pages: 416

Price: $39.95

ISBN: 1889057428

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The MCAT Biology Book eBookThe MCAT Biology Book eBook ($19.95)


MCAT Chemistry Book

MCAT Chemistry Book cover

The MCAT Chemistry Book presents a comprehensive review of MCAT general chemistry (“gen chem”) and organic chemistry (“o chem”) in an easy-to-follow, logical format.

Each branch of chemistry is covered extensively, including illustrations and tables when necessary to help students understand the more difficult MCAT chemistry concepts. At the conclusion of each chapter, challenging practice problems with detailed explanations to answers test and further your comprehension.

Even students who struggle with basic chemistry can master MCAT chemistry with the assistance of this comprehensive review book!

With this and its two companion volumes, The MCAT Physics Book and The MCAT Biology Book, Nova Press provides the most comprehensive series of test-prep books for the MCAT.


I am a Pre-Med student and I recently purchased this book. I had a lot of trouble with my undergrad Chem classes which I took about 4 years ago. This book greatly supplemented my knowledge and understanding of Organic and Gen.Chemistry. In my opinion, this book is a great review for MCAT chem and orgo. — A Student

Pages: 496

Price: $39.95

ISBN: 1889057371

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Available on Kno as an interactive and engaging eBook:

The MCAT Chemistry Book eBookThe MCAT Chemistry Book eBook ($19.95)